A Chance To See Classic Cars And Help A Good Cause

What’s made The Classic at Pismo Beach Car Show so popular?

Every year, the Pismo Beach streets are closed down to give way for the coolest car show of classic cars held on the 3rd full weekend of June. It is one of the finest and largest street rod and classic car shows on the West Coast that can easily pull in 1000 classic cars and street rods to be marveled at by more than 175,000 car lovers over three days of exhibition.

No other classic car show can boast of a throng of spectators and attendees

The Pismo Beach Classic Car Show
In 2015, on June 19 – 21 to be exact, the Pismo Beach Classic Car Show is geared up to celebrate its 30th year anniversary. Hosting the Classic Car Show in a part of the region known as Classic California, is something local residents and people from around the globe eagerly await and prepare for as the beach area easily transforms into a festival celebrating classic and historic cars, street rods, fun cars, woodies, and hot rods amidst:

  • live music
  • food vendors
  • souvenir sellers

With the ocean as backdrop the Pismo Beach Classic Car Show holds true to its name.

The 3-day fun-filled event is an opportunity for car lovers to see some of the greatest masterpieces of restorations of classic cars and street rods worthy of trophies and awards for different reasons. The event’s popularity has loyal patrons continually wheeling in their 18-wheeler trucks to support the spectacular yearly event including:

  • Budweiser
  • Mothers Polish
  • GM Performance
  • 7-Eleven
  • Ford Motor Company

These large companies couldn’t resist the opportunities presented by the hundreds of thousands of people that flock the beach just for this event.

Historical Background
The Pismo Beach Classic Car Show has roots going back to the early 80s and has since been a yearly tradition in the tiny yet serene central coastal town of Pismo Beach in California. Owners of some of the hottest classic cars in the country and from other countries have prepped up their precious jewels for display at the seaside car show in June of every year.

Managed by Just Cruzin’ Productions, a family-run business for the past 8 years, the yearly event has grown by leaps and bounds having attracted nearly a thousand classic vehicles and over 175,000 spectators and car enthusiasts combined.

What The Show Offers
The Pismo Beach Classic Car Show 2015 will line up the streets of the tiny beach town with an array of classic cars and 130 vendors for show spectators to enjoy. In addition, spectators will be able to participate in a Cruise of Pismo Beach, and the Poker Runs.

MercedesBenz Pismo Beach 2014 Car Show

Spectators and crowds flock the Pismo Beach in offer to get up-close to a precious jewel like this.

A Noble Cause
But other than the spectacle of classic cars and street rods, the Pismo Beach Classic Car Show is set to accomplish a noble deed on its 30th year. The Pismo Beach Classic Car Show 2105 will auction off donated items such as engines, car accessories and cars in order to raise funds for the Folds of Honor Foundation and the Pismo Beach Police Department.

The Folds of Honor Foundation will honor the military sacrifices of military families with opportunity and hope. The Foundation provides scholarships and grants to the spouses and children of soldiers killed or who have suffered a disability while in service. Their mission is for hope, healing, and opportunity to realize their dreams through the help of the loyal following of the Classic Car Show.

Are you making plans for the 2015 Pismo Beach Classic Car Show?

2 thoughts on “A Chance To See Classic Cars And Help A Good Cause

  1. Anthony says on

    We collect seashell by the seashore and got the tail end of the classic Car show. Which was really neat. pismo has a lot of activities going on in town and nearby cities. Watching the surfer and people at play. Always relaxing place! I love pismo State Beach and this particular classic car show. It is so much bigger and more diverse than any other classic car show I can think of.

  2. Richard says on

    I would imagine that this type of convention for enthusiasts is also a great opportunity for vendors to promote their products and services as well as a chance to network with other vendors and to connect with their target market. That is what happens at a car enthusiast’s convention in South Florida, called Tower Shops. My friend used to attend it in order to promote his ventures and it was effective.

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