A Look Into The Long History Of The U.S. Open Trophy

This week, over 100 professional golfers will be competing to take home the U.S. Open trophy. This classically styled trophy cup is a shining piece of history and each year, golfers vie for a chance to have their names join those of other prestigious players that have been inscribed on the cup over the last 120 years. While the current U.S. Open trophy isn’t the original that was used in the initial U.S, Open of 1895, it’s still carries a rich and revered history for golfers and their fans.


Image Source: king5.com

History behind U.S. Open trophy | king5.com

“In 1946, the trophy was destroyed in a fire at Tam O’Shanter Golf Course in Chicago. Lloyd Mangrum was in possession of the trophy at the time. In 1947, Spaulding & Company reproduced the trophy based on the exact specifications of the original. The trophy stands 18 inches high. The base is 6 inches in diameter and 6 inches high. After their victory, the U.S. Open Champion used to keep the original trophy for a year, according to the USGA. But now, the champion keeps a full-scale replica, and the original is housed at the USGA Museum in Far Hills, New Jersey.”

Will you be following the 2015 U.S. Open?

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