AMA Adopts New Policy Aiming To Make Youth Sports Safer

Everyone loves taking home a trophy, especially kids and their proud parents, but there’s nothing more important than knowing everyone stays safe and has a good time. Recently, concerns over youth sports have shifted from whether everyone should take home a trophy to how we can best protect kids from risks on the field. Just as concussions have become a growing issue in professional sports, they also affect players in youth sports. The American Medical Association is now working to raise awareness and prevent such injuries from affecting young players.

American Medical Association adopts youth sports concussion policy | Reuters

A football helmet's health warning sticker is pictured between a U.S. flag and the number 55, in Oceanside, California September 14, 2012. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Image Source: Reuters

“The American Medical Association, responding to rising concern about concussions in youth sports like soccer and football, on Tuesday adopted policies intended to lower the risk of these brain injuries and called for prompt diagnosis and medical care. The influential doctors’ group recommended that young athletes suspected of having a concussion be removed immediately from a game and permitted to return only with a doctor’s written approval.”

Do you think the AMA’s action will have a major impact on youth sports and how we protect players? Share your thoughts on this issue in the comments.

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