Anna Nordqvist’s LPGA Classic Trophy Has A Rough Trip

The ShopRite LPGA Classic trophy is a beautiful crystal cup that any golfer would be eager to display, provided it makes it to their home in one piece. Anna Nordqvist’s trophy wasn’t so lucky. Recently the ShopRite LPGA Classic winner was shocked and quite displeased to discover her crystal trophy arrived via FedEx in shards. As Nordqvist promptly expressed her upset on Twitter, Classic and FedEx officals worked to remedy the unfortunate situation.

FedEx breaks LPGA trophy, will replace it |

“‘As soon as we saw it, we ordered another one right away,’ [Classic director Bill] Hansen said. FedEx agreed to pay for the cost of a new trophy and ship it to Nordqvist’s home in Florida for free. Classic officials declined to say how much the trophy cost.”  

While the Classic usually sends it’s trophies to the winner’s homes without issue, this year served as a lesson to pack their crystal awards with a little extra care and protection.

How would you have reacted if you found your hard earned trophy arrived in such a state? Do you think everyone involved did the right thing to remedy the situation? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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