Are Fantasy Sports Starting To Trump The Real Thing?

Some play it for the love of the game, others play it for the thrill of victory, and lots of folks play in the hopes of earning a little extra cash. Fantasy sports are currently an exciting and completely legal way to make some money through a thorough understanding of players, teams, and games. While the pastime is decades old, fantasy sports have been getting a lot of extra attention for the way it’s evolved into a billion dollar business in the U.S. alone.  Some have even said that fantasy sports are now or will soon trump our collective enthusiasm for real teams and actual games.

For Love Or Money: Fans And Businesses Flock To Fantasy Sports | NPR

yahoo-sportsImage Source: NPR

“To make it even more bizarre, while professional sports leagues all have taken hysterical stands against changing the federal law — which prohibits gambling on actual games — the sanctimonious leagues also have partnerships with various fantasy sites. The word fan was originally carved out of ‘fanatic,’ but now it would more properly be identified with ‘fantasy.’ You have to wonder, with a lot of fans, if fantasy hasn’t already begun to trump reality. A fan may root for an actual team, but it’s only an emotional attachment. With his fantasy team, he’s put cash on the barrelhead. Ah, for love, or money?”

Do you think fantasy sports are starting to overshadow actual games and traditional fandom? What are your thoughts on the business and legal end of fantasy sports?

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