Are Youth Sports In Trouble?

For all the debates that come up in youth sports regarding trophies, disagreements between coaches and parents, and what role it can play in a child’slife, there’s one issue that could render all of these issues moot. School run youth sports may become a rarity in the near future. It’s actually been predicted that within the next five years, over a quarter of U.S. public high schools will no longer offer youth sports. The main reason why we may see youth sports programs disappear from schools is primarily budget based. Now sporting equipment retailer, Dick’s Sporting Goods is attempting to raise money for public school programs that need a budget boost for sports.

Youth sports: Kids’ athletics are in danger | CNBC

 Little_League_SoutheasternImage Source: Wikimedia

“It has become ‘apparent that youth sports are in crisis,’ said Lauren Hobart, chief marketing officer at athletic equipment retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods. To combat the trend, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Tuesday that it’s partnering with crowdfunding site to help schools seeking money for their school sports programs. The company has made a $25 million, multiyear commitment to help programs facing budget shortfalls. The goal is to get kids playing sports again, transform their lives and teach them lessons that they will carry long after leaving the playing field.”

What impact do you think youth sports, and its loss, has on kids, education, and even professional sports? Are you pleased to hear that business and individuals are taking action to save sporting programs at public schools?

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