Is It Easy To Play Fantasy Sports For A Living?

Daily Fantasy Sports have changed the way fans approach and ingest sporting completely. Even more remarkable are those individuals who make their living off of it, and not just a second or modest first income, but millions of dollars in a year.

While this is not a reality for all who play, there are Daily Fantasy Sport team owners who spend most hours of their week monitoring, drafting, trading, and playing in a way that looks closer to something a day trader or big finance baker would do. 

While there’s some concern over legal issues and how they may affect Daily Fantasy Sports moving forward, its popularity and the money passing through are increasing remarkably. 

“There has never been a bigger change in our industry than what’s happened with Daily Fantasy Sports over the past two or two and a half years. We’ve had more investment in the fantasy industry over the last year than we have had in the entire history of the entire fantasy sports industry.”

Do you play Daily Fantasy Sports or feel it has changed the way you or your fellow fans ingest professional sporting?

Did you know it had become such a serious money making machine for some players?

Do you think it should remain legal as it requires some skill, or should it be treated more like other forms of private gambling and come under the same regulations?

Give us your input in the comments.