Finding A Piece Of World Cup History In The Basement

The Jules Rimet trophy, which some soccer fans know as the original World Cup trophy, has an interesting history that more people are talking about thanks to an unexpected discovery in the basement of FIFA’s headquarters.

Forgotten for quite some time, since FIFA has used a new trophy as of the early 70s, the original has some colorful and unexpected history behind it.

“The trophy, which was handed to Brazil permanently after they won the world Cup for the third time in 1970, was also stolen three months before the 1966 World Cup was staged in England.
That time, it was recovered a week later after being found in a south London hedge by a dog named Pickles.”

The recently recovered original trophy base, which is about 10 centimeter high, will now be on display at FIFA’s museum as part of a solute to Jules Rimet, FIFA’s president from 1921 to 1954 who is also considered to be the father of the World Cup.