How Do You Tell A Story With A Trophy Display?

The Heisman Trophy has a long and interesting history, but each of the players who receive one has their own story to tell.  When Marcus Mariota won his Heisman Trophy last year, it was clear that this player’s award would need a display that told a story just like the trophy it supports. The new, highly polished, multilevel trophy display was designed by Nike and recently unveiled at the Hatfield Dowlin Complex of the University of Oregon. The eight shinning levels of the display were inspired by Marcus Mariota’s Heisman acceptance speech and are meant to represent achievements, sportsmanship and efforts that go beyond the football field.


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Those levels represent Mariota’s parents and brother, his roots in the islands – illustrated with the help of a Polynesian tattoo artist – his youth football and Saint Louis School coaches, his teammates, coaches and fans at Oregon, and his collegiate home, Autzen Stadium. […] ‘Marcus’ legacy is captured brilliantly — in celebrating an individual award, all those who’ve influenced and supported him are center stage,” UO coach Mark Helfrich said. The trophy sits on a diamond-shaped display – ‘it represents the jewel of the Emerald Valley, and Marcus being such a jewel,’ Van Horne said – and it was designed to have a mirrored effect. ‘He talked so much in his speech about inspiring other people, especially within Hawaii and from the Polynesian culture,’ Van Horne said. ‘We wanted for the younger generation to be able to come up and see their reflection in the podium itself.’”

Do you think a trophy display can be just as powerful as a sporting trophy itself, especially when the recipient has a history to share with others? What are your thoughts on the design and unveiling of this new Heisman trophy display? Do you plan to see it yourself one day? Tell us your thoughts on this story in the comments.


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