How Much Do Professional Awards Matter Today?

Winning isn’t everything, but how much does it really matter in the world of business? When most of us arrive at work to do our jobs everyday, we do so for a paycheck, sense of productivity and responsibility, and any number of other reasons.

A trophy seldom enters into it, but some professionals feel that business awards– not just taking them home, but the idea of applying oneself in a way that’s worthy of exceptional recognition– are important for helping us demonstrate our accomplishments  and making us feel we deserve more from our professional peers and employers.  It could also be a necessary self esteem boost that’s vital to getting ahead. 

“Going after, and winning, awards makes you more appealing to employers and clients, yes. But it can greatly help you materially, and perhaps most underemphasized, it can permanently lift your confidence.”

Do you feel that business awards are an important professional symbol that we should pursue in addition to promotions and salary raises?

Do you feel like earning a professional award would have a positive effect on your confidence?