Oscar Award Statue Fun With Forced Perspective

While the big night is more than a month away, the Oscars have already generated lot buzz. Though this year’s nominations have raised some controversy, many are still waiting in anticipation to see which nominees will take home a shining award, as well as how Neil Patrick Harris may steal the show as host.

The celebrated star is already promising some surprises in the latest Academy Award show ad, which reveals some unexpected tricks of its own.

Harris can be seen in his new Oscars promo polishing an oversized Oscar statue

Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris brings magic in new promo, says ‘anything can happen’ – NY Daily News

In the clip, the 41-year-old star appears to be polishing a huge Oscar statue that he can only reach by standing on a ladder. Then just like magic, he walks toward the camera, picks up the award in his hand and flicks the tiny ladder off the screen.”

The ad, which uses forced perspective to create the illusion of a massive Oscar statue, cleverly hints that viewers may experience more than they’d expect.


Will you be watching next month?

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