Personalizing Trophies and Awards

What Occasions Need Trophies or Awards?

People like to celebrate. And in most celebrations, especially for corporate celebrations, awards and trophies are given out to selected individuals or teams. In reality, there are always occasions that require giving out awards or recognition and on those occasions, the best form of award deemed appropriate is always a trophy.

Reasons for the Award

Scholastic achievement, sports competitions, retirement announcements, excellent work performance, outstanding contribution to business or community, etc., are just some of the examples where trophies are awarded. And depending on the occasion or the type of award or recognition to be given, trophies can be custom-designed to fit the occasion and the award.

Special Trophy Designs

Special award occasions require special custom trophy designs. You just don’t rush to a trophy store and randomly pick a standard design off the shelf for your occasion. Personalized trophies are more meaningful to the recipients, especially if the trophy design and form speaks to you regarding what the award is all about, without even having to look at any inscription.

Trophy Design Tells it All

Organizers of a football competition are likely to have a trophy that is custom-designed to look like it is for a football game, or a singing contest can have a microphone stand as the appropriate symbolism of the award. Military sports competitions may make use of the military insignia to represent the institution giving the award out.

Three Considerations

In order to provide custom trophies for your special events and occasions for awards, you need to consider three things:

  • Schedule of the awards event
  • Who the awards will be given to
  • Type of Trophy or award design

When is the Event?

Part of ensuring that you are able to get the trophy design that you want for the awards event is to know when the event will be. Custom trophies require adequate time so you have to allocate for that. If you plan your event ahead, you will be able to get that personalized trophy done perfectly and according to your design requirements.

Who are the Recipients of the Awards?

You also need to think about the recipients of the awards or trophies. Who are they? Are they the senior members of the organization? Or are they the young professionals? By taking the recipients into the equation, you will consider design elements that fit them. Do you give an abstract-designed trophy to a non-artist who may not be able to make out the design? If you know the type of person you are giving the award to, even the material of the trophy may be different.


Type of Trophy Design

Trophy makers have creative artists that can help you out with the design you want. They usually have design templates which you can modify and integrate your own designs into. You can probably make a rough sketch of the design you are thinking of and with a little explanation to the designer, he or she can give you a final sketch of what your trophy could look like. You can also decide if it’s glass, crystal, or metal.

Spell Correctly

Lastly, the most important part of custom-designing a trophy is that part where the recipient’s name is carefully etched on the metal plate or the glass. Aside from making sure that the award date and titles are correct, you have to make sure that the recipient’s name is etched with the correct spelling.

 Trophy Planning

Advance planning is key to all these. You can have the most personalized trophy given out as awards, so long as you provide the trophy maker with enough time to produce that trophy for you.

And it should make your awards event touching and unforgettable especially for the recipients, don’t you think?