Red Plastic Vs. Gold: Would It Make A Difference For You?

The look and make of a trophy may not matter to some players, but to others it can really make or mute a victory. For Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton, the trophy appears to have a made a big difference in how he views a win. After receiving numerous Grand Prix trophies, Hamilton has been open in his disappointment regarding the design and material of a few of them, including a swirling red award he took home last year.

Hamilton hoping for a pot of gold at Silverstone | Reuters

Image Source: Daily Mail Online

Image Source: Daily Mail Online

The Mercedes driver, who often wears a substantial golden necklace in the paddock, heads to his home British Grand Prix this weekend with every chance of repeating last year’s success. If he does win the race for a third time, Hamilton expects to be handed something worthy of the occasion when he steps onto the podium. ‘Last year they gave me this plastic thing and I’m like, “This is not the trophy, it’s like a GP2 trophy not the Formula One trophy”,’ the 30-year-old told reporters before a Petronas event at Mercedes-Benz World near the old Brooklands circuit south of London.”

Do you agree with Lewis Hamilton’s feelings regarding the flamboyant red trophy? Do you think that some professional sporting trophies have become too stylized? Should trophies remain traditional or more ambitious in their appearance?

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