Retirement Comes After 38 Soccer Trophies At Manchester United

Is Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United stint the most successful managerial career in British soccer history?

Alex Ferguson counted 27 years of a colorful soccer career with the famous British soccer team Manchester United. His retirement created a place for David Moyes to succeed him in keeping the path clear for Manchester United team’s continuous saga of winnings.

A Sterling Career For FergusonNettrophy - Soccer Trophies October 2013Alex_Ferguson_mars_1992

Ferguson’s retirement in May of this year brought an end to an outstanding trophy-laden career in managing a soccer team, with 38 trophies spread over 27 years, including 13 Premier League titles and two Champion League titles. No one could have done it better.

The Pressure Is On David Moyes

Ferguson’s advice to successor David Moyes is about the importance of winning a trophy in his first season as manager of the Manchester United. This came in after a 1-1 draw at home to Southampton dented their hopes for the Premier League Title. The results of the October 18 game at Old Trafford left the reigning champions Manchester United an unusually low eighth place which is 5 points adrift of the Champions League places and only four above the relegation zone.

It’s Moyes’ Turn

Manchester United had won only three of their opening eight Premier League games under the stewardship of Moyes who was handpicked by Ferguson as his successor when he decided to call time on a 27-year era at Old Trafford which yielded Ferguson a horde of soccer trophies at the end of the last season.

Can Moyes Surpass Ferguson’s Feat?

It took Ferguson nearly four years to win his first trophy for Manchester United, in the 1990 FA Cup which gave him the breathing space he needed to set the club on the path to greater glories and triumphs. If Moyes could lift a trophy this term, it would be a feat not even the illustrious Ferguson managed to achieve in all his time with Manchester United.

Cup of EnglandWhat Winning A Trophy Means

Winning a trophy would be a fantastic achievement for David Moyes, according to Ferguson, regardless if it’s the League Cup, the European Cup, the Premier League or the FA Cup. Ferguson explained that it is simply not easy to win a trophy in their league because there are six teams fighting for the prize.

Keeping The Momentum

Moyes, himself disappointed with the results of Saturday’s match against the Saints because they had wanted to keep the momentum when they had the 26th minute lead only to be equalized by the opponent. Not being able to keep the winning momentum can really be frustrating, according to Moyes.

Learning the Lessons Early

Seen from another perspective, Moyes claims that they should probably have to put the game to bed earlier on and defend it and make sure that they are harder to score against than they previously were.

Another Beckham In The Making?

And while Ferguson had the opportunity to develop the famous David Beckham during his time, Moyes might just be in for the same role for a talented player in the case of Adnan Januzaj. Moyes intends to use him at the right times and try to get the best out of him for the team.

So, the countdown begins for David Moyes as soccer fans of Manchester United eagerly awaits what he can bring on the table for the team.


It’s almost like a new season for Manchester United, isn’t it?