The Champion is Honored with a Fantasy Football Trophy

Have you ever played for a fantasy football trophy before?

Chances are, most of you have, because Fantasy Football is such a big hit that it has grown to a billion dollar industry supported by millions of followers and most of the major sports news and entertainment companies throughout the country. But maybe not everyone has played for a Fantasy Football trophy after all. There could be some people who are observing silently from the sidelines because they want to play but don’t exactly understand what the game is all about.

Fantasy Football


It is an interactive competition where one selects an imaginary football team and users compete against one another as general managers of virtual or “fantasy” teams. Fantasy Football is played in conjunction with live games of the National Football League (NFL) and the players a general manager is able to manage are professional American NFL players. The popularity of Fantasy Football has shot up in recent years due to the growth of the internet and the support given by Fantasy football providers such as Yahoo, CBS, ESPN, and NFL.

Game Overview

After the imaginary football team selection, the real NFL players play football on screen as a team and if the fantasy team player gains yards or scores a touchdown in the real live game, they score points. The team with the most number of points wins the game for that week, with the top four or six teams go through a playoff at the end of the regular season, to determine the winner. The Champion is honored with a crystal fantasy football tower trophy.

Joining a League

The popularity of Fantasy Football over the years has prompted the creation of innumerable free fantasy football websites including the big names, which include:

  • ESPN
  • Yahoo
  • CBS
  • Fox Sports
  • NFL

Yahoo and ESPN offer completely free leagues complete with premium features such as real-time tracking of statistics and live drafts. Players can choose the site where they can join leagues and hopefully aim for the big win with a fantasy football trophy. You can select your fantasy football trophies here.

Team Selection

Careful selection of your team is crucial and this task lies in the hands of the leader in fantasy football. Each team is allowed a predetermined number of players. And managers of each team determine each week which players will start and which ones will take the bench.

Playing for Fun and More

In the past, Fantasy Football was played merely to have fun. It becomes more exciting if the fantasy player is actually playing. But like other online sports betting games, Fantasy Football is more than just for fun as it allows players to make a few bucks from the game, making it more appealing for many players.

Are you ready to play Fantasy Football and bring the trophy home?