The Heartland Trophy: Would You Give The Bull The Boot?

There are a lot of things that can divide college football fans, and one of them is this question: Are there too many trophy series?

Even if you love the idea of rivalry trophies, it rare that fans agree on the design and symbols used raise the stakes of a very specific game.

The latest trophy to enter the debate’s hot seat is the Heartland Trophy, a large and brassy trophy topped with a bull. The Heartland trophy has gone up at stake between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Iowa Hawkeyes for the last ten years, making it a fairly new trophy compared to longtime rivalry trophies like Minnesota–Wisconsin’s Paul Bunyan’s Axe, as well as the Iowa–Wisconsin football rivalry itself.

As Wisconsin just took it home this year, some Heartland Trophy fans don’t have much love for the bull, or even the trophy atop it stands.  

“The Iowa/Wisconsin game has given the fans a lot of great moments — Ron Dayne‘s record-breaking run, the fake punt before Montee Ball scored in the final minutes — and some heartbreak when the Hawkeyes handed Barry Alvarez a loss in his final game at Camp Randall. Only two of those games needed a trophy.”

How do you feel about the Heartland Trophy and it bull?  Do you think all college football rivalries should have a trophy or are there just too many to keep track?