The Secret to Winning the Fantasy Football Award

Do you know what it feels like to win an award?

Playing fantasy football can be a blast, exciting and super fun. Playing fantasy football and winning the ultimate fantasy football trophy is double all that. And everyone seems to be making a go for the same objective – winning fantasy football with the most-coveted award.

What You can Be in Fantasy Football

Playing fantasy football allows you to become more than a regular franchise owner can – owner, manager, coach, or president. You are calling the shots and every single decision is yours to make, from choosing the players on draft day, to which players get to start and who stays in the bench.

Who are the Players?

You can select from the real-life athletes in the National Football League. The NFL athletes and their performance on the field will determine if your virtual fantasy football team will finish on the top with a fantasy football award, or on the bottom with nothing. It is important to remember that in fantasy football, there are no bad decisions, but more likely, just bad managers.

Getting into a League


After you have selected the website on which you can join a league through the options Create, Join or Reactivate. Clicking the Join button allows you to pick players on the list for your league. Most websites maintain directories where players register. You can search for a league that has the settings you like and play against a bunch of new fantasy football friends.

Drafting your Winning Team

Draft day is the most fun and the best day of the year for fantasy football managers. There are two types of drafts which are commonly used by the fantasy football managers, namely:

Snake Draft – owners can take turns in picking players online in a “serpentine” method which means the owner who picks first in the even rounds will pick last in the odd rounds.

Auction draft – with fake money you can bid against other owners for the fantasy football player you want in your league.

Setting the Lineup

As the coach and owner of the fantasy football team, you get to decide how you put your players on the virtual field. Some fantasy football websites have a page that allows you to start or bench a player. It’s a simple way of deciding the startup lineup which could drive the team to winning the fantasy football award.

So, for this year’s fantasy football, maybe you can share your criteria in drafting your players.