What’s It Like To Lift The Vince Lombardi Trophy?

What’s It Like To Lift The Vince Lombardi Trophy?

We all know what the Vince Lombardi Trophy looks like. The silver statue is synonymous with the NFL, the Super Bowl, and national victory, and most football fans probably wonder what it would be like to actually play a part in winning it for their favorite team. So what’s it like to actually hold the trophy? While there are a number of opportunities to see a Vince Lombardi Trophy, most of us will simply have to imagine the feeling of lifting it upon victory. And to do that, it helps to know how much it weighs, what it’s made from, and even a little bit of the history that has contributed to its significance as a historic football award.

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Super Bowl 2015: How much does the Vince Lombardi Trophy weigh? How much is it worth? | syracuse.com

“The trophy is a regulation-size silver football mounted in a kicking position on a pyramidlike stand of three concave sides,’ according to the Super Bowl media guide.  It is 20 3/4 inches tall and weighs just more than 6.7 pounds.  It is valued in excess of $25,000.  Engraved on the base are the words Vince Lombardi and Super Bowl XLIX along with the NFL shield.”

Have you ever seen the Vince Lombardi Trophy in person or imagined winning one?

2 thoughts on “What’s It Like To Lift The Vince Lombardi Trophy?

  1. Melissa says on

    I’m a long time NFL fan. I’ve been watching the NFL since 1978 and I know just about everything about NFL history, including Super Bowl history – having watched many live and all the previous super bowls via NFL films. But I have to admit, although I know who Vince Lombardi is (the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers and the subject of a Broadway play), I don’t know much about the stats behind the trophy.

  2. Jason says on

    I believe that the NFL puts out a heavily guarded display of the Vince Lombardi trophy in the week that leads into the big game. There is a reason the championship trophy is named after this particular coach. The man had a lot to do. Like instilling professionalism, heart and fierce dedication in a frozen winter field full of young men. Like transforming a losing football team into a winning one in the span of a single season. And then leading that team to a series of history-making championships, including the first two Super Bowl titles.

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