What’s The Best Trophy Symbol For This Big Ten Rivalry?

There’s been a lot of Big Ten rivalry talk lately, and trophies are a hot issue. Love them or hate them, fans always seem to have an opinion on the symbol that goes up for grabs when two rivalry teams face off. 

When it comes to the Rutgers-Maryland rivalry and ideas for a trophy design, fans have plenty to offer, along with a healthy appreciation for history, culture, and humor.

Trophy suggestions have ranged from symbols that solute the Revolutionary War, the local coastline, or even HBO’s The Sopranos. 

“I was mostly goofing when I suggested a giant crab, a pair of HBO villains for The Sopranos and the Wire, and even the state of Delaware as the trophy for the winner (although the latter was extremely popular). But I also wondered if a cannon to symbolize our shared Revolutionary War history or some boardwalk planks to represent our love of the Atlantic Ocean would work, too.”

What would be your choice for a Rutgers-Maryland rivalry trophy? What are your thoughts on the suggestions given so far?