What’s The Mysterious Story Behind This Misplaced Miss America Trophy?

Norma DesCygne Smallwood was known as Miss America back in 1926. By all accounts, she’s the rightful owner of an elegant silver cup trophy, which is why her family was surprised tsee the very same trophy up for auction online. Not only were they unaware the trophy had existed, how it ended up being auctioned remains a mystery to Smallwood’s relatives.

For sale: One Miss America trophy — mystery included | Tulas World

trophyImage Source: Tulsa World

“No one knows how the prize passed from Norma DesCygne Smallwood’s hands into the care of a Miss America collector where, years later, it is now available to the highest bidder until Friday. […] The trophy, with willowy handles and a front that was never inscribed with Smallwood’s name, perches between web listings for Tom Brady’s infamous “Deflategate” football and baseball relics labeled “Ruth and Gehrig.” Lelands.com, the website selling the pageant prize, specializes in sports memorabilia.”

Does this mean the trophy might night be genuine or that Norma DesCygne Smallwood may have passed on or lost the trophy in circumstances her immediate family never knew about? Are you curious to learn just what happened to bring this mystery trophy to where it is today?

Have you ever come across a trophy or other piece of sports memorability that must have had an interesting story behind it?

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