Why Not Make It A Trophy Game?

Are college football games more exciting when a trophy is at stake? If you think so, you may enjoy the most recent 14th trophy game to be added to the Big Ten.  Now when Wisconsin and Nebraska go head to head, the Freedom Trophy will be at stake. 

“The Freedom Trophy pays tribute to the brave men and women who have fought in our nation’s wars. The University of Wisconsin’s Camp Randall Stadium, built on what was once a Civil War training ground, and the University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium, dedicated in honor of our nation’s veterans, stand as proud monuments to those who have sacrificed so much in the name of freedom.”

What do you think of a game trophy that also honors the history behind the teams and the game sites– in addition to the game victors?

Do you agree with the ideals but think there may be too many trophy games in the Big Ten or say the more the better?

Tell us your feelings on this new trophy development in the comments.